Interactive Future & Society

Today we are fortunate to have Alessio Grancini as our interviewee. Todays’s talk will be mainly about interactive future and our society, and discussion over the multi-sensory potential of related technologies.

00:00 Intro

00:47 Virtual Interactivity vs Material Interactivity

07:34 Client Oriented vs User Oriented in Technology

12:50 Academic vs Practice in Technology

15:40 Education & Architect Mindset

23:00 Multi-sensory Practice for City

27:13 Power of Indivudal and Interactive Narrative

31:00 Power of Indivudal and Urban System

35:35 Multisensory Experience in AR/VR

Alessio Grancini

Prototype Engineer at Magic Leap

Alessio was graduated from architecture school of Politecnico di Milano and sci-arc, after years of practice, now he is working as prototype engineer at Magic Leap, focusing on AR/VR innovation and smart city.

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